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Electric Vehicle (EV) is the technological solution to overcome the increase of price of fossil fuels, pollution, urban noise and global warming.

The cost of an EV consuming is lower (20%-30%) than a vehicle based on internal combustion engine. This economic advantage is due to:

  • A VAT + an excise duty on hydrocarbons higher than 56% in contrast to taxes on electricity.
  • A higher energy efficiency of electrical engines (90%) in contrast to the internal combustion ones (20%).


Sgenia offers a comprehensive technical and commercial support and advising in this phase of transition regarding means of transport to reach the EVs integration.

The main markets and areas where the use of EVs is established are:

  • Storage, logistics and distribution.
  • Delivery of mail.
  • Home delivery sector.
  • Vehicles rent.
  • Public services.
  • Government agencies.
  • Town council.
  • Construction, engineering and road management.
  • Defense sector.
  • Airports...

Sgenia evaluates the best suitable EV type to its client sector and provides the best solution that best fits its customer needs in each situation:

  • Purchase the total EV fleet in cash or using credit facilities.
  • Renting or leasing.
  • Monthly rent + €/km...

Sgenia installs, manages and carries out the maintenance of charging locations.


Public and private companies having logistics installations, public or private companies offering services in local areas ...



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