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It is a new and innovative software for nanotechnology engineers. n::CAD could be integrated in standard CAD/CAE systems, which opens the door to realistic calculations at the nanoscale level for scientific and engineering designers and modelers.

The available calculations in CAE software are based in physical key equations and are implemented inside a FE or FD methodology. Combining design capabilities from CAD or CAE software and the atomistic methods modeling allow  n::CAD to solve nanoscale physical properties under study.

The implementation of n::CAD atomistic methods is important not only because the accuracy improvement but also the low dimension involved at nanoscale level, which make important the individual interaction among atoms.


  • A versatile and user-friendly platform for the mechanical and technological design of the device at the nanometric scale.
  • An atomic visualizer independent from the CAD interface with geometrical functions. 
  • A bulk structures builder.
  • A low dimensional structures builder.
  • Fill, empty, drill, cut, etc, pieces.
  • Optimization of the atomic coordinates.
  • Modeling of the physical properties from atomistic calculations based in empirical potentials and semi-empirical methods as tight-binding, developed by our team.
  • User-friendly Post-processing tools.


Any engineering company with a design&modeling department working at nanoscale level, electronic devices engineering companies, Nanotechnology R&D departments…
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