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ELECbus is an appealing urban transportation solution in order to reach a possible electro-mobility solution.

ELECbus is a pure electric vehicle design for the city mobility. A 12 meters length vehicle that make 80 passengers enjoy a quiet drive through the twin traction motors powered by a small battery pack. The low floor configuration makes easier not only enter the bus but also move inside. 

A value of 180 hp peak tractive power makes the electric bus reach 65 kmph and overcome 16% gradeability.

An innovative power transfer system supplies energy to the storage package when the vehicle stands for passenger’s entrance and during traffic lights. The power management system combines the batteries with a stack of ultracapacitors for the peak power demand.
The specific objectives are:

  • To obtain a 100% electric vehicle to meet a clean solution to urban transport which provides an improvement of air quality, a promotion accessibility for population and a decrease of noise in metropolitan areas.
  • ELECbus takes into account an onboard energy management and optimization.
  • To integrate the vehicle in the city.
  • To obtain lightweight and recyclable systems.
  • To integrate a twin traction motors.
  • To develop a regenerative bracking system.
  • To integrate an alternative charging process to the conventional one while entrance of passengers.
  • The energy storage system would consist of batteries and ultracapacitors that are capable to provide an energy density (Wh/l) and a gavimetric energy density (Wh/kg) of 152 and 100, respectively.
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