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The objective of this project is to manufacture a viable solar cell prototype based on nanostructures using conventional matrix. We use different nano-techniques whose aims are to increase the efficiency of third generation solar cells up to 50% and to reduce their costs less than 1€/W.

With this new values, the solar energy sector would be really competitive in contrast to other types of electric energy generation whose costs are 10-20 €/Wh.

An improvement of efficiency by 50% is necessary for its best use, reducing the environmental footprint of photovoltaic solar energy ( @AM1.5).

To reach these goals, a new developed and innovative concept will be developed to combine in solar cells two different nanotechniques:

  • Bandgap engineering using new nanostructured semiconductors.
  • Surface modification to a higher exploitation of the solar spectrum increasing the number of caught photons.
  • Furthermore, this project develops new modelling techniques to increase the know-how and expertise in nanostructures.



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