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We are a private engineering and technology company made up of professionals and experts in advanced and innovative technologies. We integrate our knowledge to find the best solution adapted to your needs. We are specialized in solving technically complex projects for Industrial and Energy sectors. We analyze, design and manufacture your high-tech solutions. Your innovation is our main goal.


Sgenia works developing Innovative Technologies in Sustainable Energy Sector: Nuclear Fusion, Solar Energy, and hydrogen-based Systems for the future.


Sgenia owns innovation and technologies to change lives for generations to come. We focus on material, sensors and process to achieve a more sustainable world.

Defense & Space

Sgenia’s aim of getting more sustainable flights thanks to our exciting technologies. We work on your future transport and space technologies.

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Don’t try to tell your client what he wants. Serve the client with disruptive products and technologies. If you want to be smart, be smart with innovations.

About Company

We Make Possible your Disruptive and Radical Innovations with our Best Techologies

Subcontracting can be a powerful strategy to accelerate your innovations and gain access to new capabilities, markets, and customers. We will constantly monitor and review any technical factors that affect to your innovation goals, such as technological changes, regulations and needs of your organizational capabilities to best implement the results. We will be open and responsive to new future opportunities and challenges for your bussiness, and be willing to experiment and innovate with you.

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Our technologies

What Technologies We Offer

New Energy Systems

We work in the future energy generation systems as nuclear fusion, solar generation and hydrogen based system. Technologies for energy efficency are available.


Sgenia develops and implements robotic systems and applications for industrial sector. Intregration of sensor and visual inspection is one of our expertise. Robotic system are design as demand.

Industrial Processes

We have new technologies for manufacturing, new materials too be integrated in your products. We can design and construct your advanced production equipment.

Sensor Systems

New disruptive technologies for sensing are available for licensing. also, integration of this sensors with your products is possible. Gas sensing, health monitoring, onboard equipment are some of the alternatives.

Advanced Software

New technologies as artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning and fast archiving of data are some of the technologies that we have for improve your product or systems.


Improve your products with our new materials based on nanotechnology with application on optical and mechanical system. Advanced manufacturing equipment for nanotech products are also available.

working together

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Technology transfer is our business. From helping your company to manufacture and industrialize your first prototypes, to working on new technologies and innovations according to your demand. Additionally, our existing technologies can be licensed for the growth of your business.


What Clients Say About Us

We are very proud of the feedback that we have received for the quality of our work and our commitment to making every event a success.

F4E Project officer
    F4E Project officer

    “Our good collaboration and the commitment of all parties to make up for any time lost due to the covid pandemic have been instrumental in meeting the objectives of this year’s project plan. The first batch has been successfully delivered and the second batch will arrive next spring,” explains Angela Hernandez-Sanchez following this contract on behalf of F4E.

    ITER Magnetics Development Office
      ITER Magnetics Development Office

      “The management of this complex supply chain involved close interactions with multiple suppliers to make sure that different activities were well co-ordinated, with rigorous quality control and consistent acceptance standards implemented throughout the entire manufacturing process.” Yunxing Ma, ITER Magnetics Development Officer.

      F4E Project Manager
        F4E Project Manager

        “All main stakeholders had the same approach. We have been working as one team, helping each other in order to deliver a final product of high quality. Mutual understanding and flexibility have been conducive to the production of these components. I would also like to stress the commitment of the F4E team, including the support received by external colleagues.” emphasises Paz Casas, F4E Project Manager.

        Zenon Project Manager
          Zenon Project Manager

          “Project has been executed as was planned. The achieved results has been succesfully and technology supplied has already implemented in our R&D departament” said Alberto García Project Manager Zenon

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